Group growth in its first 5 years


We have extensive experience with top-notch hotel sector clients that have a national and international presence. Our strategic objective is to diversify income and distribute it throughout the year.


After an exhaustive analysis of the features and potential of our projects, we have identified and work with key factors that identify us as a benchmark for the most exclusive, refined real estate promotion market.

Our collaboration methodology. Possibility to be a part of an attractive project with high earnings expectations.

Marcapital Group as the right industrial partner for real estate promotion in Spain:

  • Company track record during the real estate sector crisis in Spain.
  • Technical and financial robustness as guarantees of professional commitment.
  • Professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, with a physical presence in target cities.  
  • Thorough knowledge of the real estate market in Madrid and the Balearic Islands.
  • Future projects with an opportunity to obtain substantial economic returns.  
  • Focused on exclusive customer service and the creation of value. 
  • Professional, discreet and humble dealings with customers and suppliers, as essential CSR values.
Marcapital Group presence in target cities
Factors that differentiate
Marcapital Group, allowing it to maximize project value
  • Different angle in each project carried out.
  • Analysis of demand in each project, obtaining higher returns.
  • Vertical integration and exclusive business processes.
  • Effective, flexible, efficient structure enabling us to be very agile.
  • Capacity to create exclusive projects with our own brand in design and architecture.
  • The team’s exhaustive commitment with regard to quality and delivery date.
  • Joint Venture as the way to design top quality projects and build long-term relationships.
  • Professionalism in all process phases from beginning to end.
  • New ideas in a sector seriously harmed by the crisis in Spain.