We build high quality, luxury and super luxury residences. We have ample experience in residential projects that range from luxury single-family homes to multi-family buildings.

MoMa, our hotel projects division, has carried out more than 65 renovations and 9500 room completions in 5 years, with projects involving over 20 million euros and peak invoicing of 7 million in 1 month. We are the only construction company specialising in hotel remodelling. We provide efficient, high-quality work within the strict deadlines demanded by the sector’s seasonal nature.

MoMa is a benchmark in the hotel sector, the only construction company specialising in hotel remodelling. In our years of experience we have understood the needs of our clients. We speak their language and share values: dynamism, strength, innovation, commercial approach, productivity, profitability and a work ethic. 

Our main objective is customer satisfaction and covering client needs, from the draft project through delivery of the completed work. We ensure a set price, a deadline and building quality.

  • The quality of the materials and the innovation in building techniques ensure the facilities’ proper function.  
  • We design and construct your hotels in line with your corporate image, personalising the details of the comprehensive remodelling.  
  • The professionalism of our work achieves its goals by means of the Quality Book, a document that reflects essential project elements:

Once the work is completed, MoMa delivers the Quality Book and holds follow-up meetings. This allows us to remain close to the client, listen to their needs in person and evolve professionally.

The international firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers Auditors collaborates with MoMa in the documentation of the Procedures Manual and Review of Business Processes.

For us, quality is a must and we don’t limit it to our product. We also apply it to our relationship with clients once a purchase, transaction or contract is made.  

We use the latest technology and our thorough knowledge of the sector to offer innovative solutions that optimise resources, always supporting sustainability and ethics.

Our flexibility and capacity for reaction allow us to adapt to the needs of customers and real estate assets, comprehensively managing tasks that range from facility maintenance and cleaning to personnel selection and hiring or security.

  • Property management

    Rents, taxes, technical inspections, insurance and policies, etc.

  • Interiors management

    Job assignment, furnishings, remodelling, etc.

  • Service management

    Climate control, gas, electricity, safety, cleaning, reception, etc.

  • Environment management

    Waste, fire prevention, evacuation plans

Facility Management allows us to interact with our customers, reinforcing ties and collecting very valuable information to offer them solutions that are completely adapted to their needs and wants. This way we can continue to learn and improve in future projects.

We undertake projects for shop design or remodelling, responding to the specific needs of each business, using high-quality materials and luxury finishes.

Our clients include everyone from port authorities and regional public entities to private companies or sailing clubs.  We have management personnel with specific experience and we focus on 3 areas:

  • Preservation and maintenance of port infrastructures
  • Construction of new facilities and refurbishing
  • Port operation management and consulting