Marcapital Group is working for the creation of value through different activities: development of real estate projects in the luxury sector, construction for the development of our promotions and for third parties, and the assets management.

Marcapital is the brand specialising in the development and promotion of prime segment real estate projects in the Balearic Islands and Madrid. Construye Capital is the company who deals with the construction projetcs for Marcapital Group: residential development, construction and refurbishment for hotels (through MoMa, brand specialising in the turnkey projetcs for hotels) and also the construction for projects in diferent areas such retail, ports, etc.

Diversed lines of bussines are Marcapital Group's primary appeal, generating constant cash flow togheter with strong returns though the development and marketing of real estate assets.

  • Our vision

    Our mission is the excellence in the development, construction and promotion of prime segment real estate projects on a national level, offering solutions to customers and society. We base ourselves on efficiency, honesty and ethic.

  • The Marcapital team

    We are a young company made up of committed, open and honest people who are passionate about what they do. Each of us has different training and experience, but we share the same goal: to transparently and ethically build projects that last.

  • Our collaborators

    We have an extensive outside team consisting of large business collaborators and professionals specialising in the sector. Trust and synchronization define our relationship with them. Our technical and studies departments supervise all processes to ensure they are carried out correctly and guarantee contract transparency.  We believe in loyalty to our suppliers. Our vision is long term and we create the right setting for fluid collaborations where all of us can grow.



The group company specialising in the development and promotion of real estate assets located in prime areas, bringing value and exclusivity to clients and investors.

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Assets Management

The Group’s parent company, with a dual goal: to be the reference for investors and source of financing and to be the Group’s real estate investment company.

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Builder company who make the projetcs from different areas: residential, premium, hotels, ports, retail, interior design, facility management and turnkey projetcs.

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Our brand specialising in the design and execution of construction projects for the hotel sector in a turnkey format, with stromg position in the Balearic Island.

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Income diversification

  • Diversified lines of business are Marcapital Group’s primary appeal, generating constant cash flows together with strong returns through the development and marketing of real estate assets.

Financial stability and corporate vision

  • Flexibility and the capacity to develop successful projects are what differentiate Marcapital Group, making it possible to obtain the financing required to tackle any current and future investment projects.

Constant growth

  • Solid, constant growth based on a unique project vision in an adverse environment, through an on-going culture of risk evaluation and quantification.
  • Collaboration with a firm of recognized standing

    • Elaboration of the Marcapital Group Risk mapping.
    • Plan of Action including Improvement opportunities.
    • Final Report with a review of the Strategic Plan 2020.
    • Updated Strategic Plan.
  • Business accompaniment programme

    Nexia is a consultancy specialising in the successful achievement of specific goals, helping strengthen the work team development to reach entrepreneurial excellence.


  • Information systems

    For our daily work we have Prinex, software that covers all areas of construction, from works to liquid assets. It can be accessed from anywhere, which allows us to act quickly and have real knowledge of the company’s situation at all times.