Our value, our commitment

Our mission is the excellence in the development, construction and promotion of prime segment real estate projects on a national level, offering solutions to customers and society. We base ourselves on efficiency, honesty and ethic.  

Our business vision is to occupy the most exclusive real estate promotion position, in terms of potential and differentiation. For each project, each site, each residence to be a unique home that provides superior satisfaction to its owners and a definitive step up in their quality of life.

Our CSR plan

Our company is actively committed to economic, social and environmental development, promoting transparent Corporate Social Responsibility in its management systems and developing diverse social programmes. The idea is to respond to growing social needs and take action to benefit human rights, involving our employees and respecting the social and environmental setting in which we carry out our activity.

Social Action Report

  • December 2017

    Pequeño deseo Fundation - Fourth, fifth and sixth wishes fulfilled

    This December we have been able to fulfil the wishes of three champions who, without losing their illusion, fight against different diseases:

    Yeray, is 12 years old and from Asturias. He suffers from aneurysm and stroke. He could meet in person his favourite singer Manuel Carrasco after a concert in Santander. It was all a surprise!

    Asier, is 5 years old and is from Palencia. He suffers from a lymphoma. His dream was to go to the oceanographic and the beach, so he made a weekend getaway with his parents to Valencia.

    Adrián, is 6 years old and also with lymphoma could meet his idol: Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a day full of surprises!

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  • November 2017

    First Action - FITPOINT Solidarity Run


    On this occasion,  Construye Capital, had the honor of sponsoring the 4th and last Tournament of the Solidarity run 2017 in favor of the ALCER Association.

    This non-profit organization works for people with kidney disease. Its objective is the social, labor and psychological integration, as well as the prevention and early detection of the disease.

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  • November 2017

    Second Action - III Race against Cancer


    Marcapital participated in the Race Against Cancer "Mallorca en Marcha" that took place on November 12 in Palma in favor of the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC.

    It was a day where part of the staff of Marcapital participated in the popular 3-km race through the center of the city, demonstrating its collaborative and team spirit.

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  • October 2017

    FITPOINT Solidarity Run

    This month of October Construye Capital returns to collaborate with FITPOINT in the third tournament in favor of various entities and NGOs. This time we will help the Association of People with Diabetes of the Balearic Islands, ADIBA.

     ADIBA tries to satisfy the basic needs of people with diabetes, as well as parents / guardians, relatives and other people sensitized by this problem.

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  • September 2017

    Ayuda en Acción

    This month of September, Mar Capital will subsidize with a donation of € 5,000 and throughout the school year 2017-2018 the breakfasts of several schools of special interest in Palma, to ensure the proper nutrition of the children of families with few resources.

    It will do so through the Ayuda en Acción Foundation and its support program for children.

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  • August 2017

    Pequeño Deseo Fundation - Second and third wishes fulfilled

    This summer, Mar Capital, has continued to fulfill the illusions of small patients to help them in their treatment. This time we have made Álvaro and Nicolás smile:

    What most illusion made to Alvaro, 10 years and with a major thalassemia, was to enjoy an afternoon between friends going to the movies and then to have something. What better plan than seeing Gru 3, one of the movies of your favorite saga, and then snacking with the whole gang? The plan came out perfect and was a real surprise for Alvaro, who did not expect all his friends to be pampered for that fun afternoon!

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  • July 2017

    Solidary backpacks campaign

    During the months of July and August took place the first campaign of collection of school material in Mar Capital for the foundation "Montis.sión Solidària". We are happy with the result, because we can say that our contribution reduced the differences on the first day of school, of a significant number of children who could not have access to basic school material.

    HR on behalf of the company, delivered last August 24, all the school material collected (113uds) and paid a visit to the foundation, located in Palma.

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  • June 2017

    World Environment Day

    One of the six columns that make up our corporate social responsibility plan is our commitment to the environment. For this reason, and on the occasion of World Environment Day, on June 5th, several councils and recommendations for the care of natural resources and the environment were shared.

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  • May 2017

    2nd championship Solidarity route FIT POINT

    Last May 19th, the second Tournament of the Solidary Route of Fitpoint was started, in which Construye Capital is a sponsor. The proceeds have been donated to the Sant Joan de Deu Foundation.

    Sara Martínez had participated as a representative of the company, and we are pleased to announce that she was the winner of this second tournament of the Ruta Solidaria. Congratulations to the champion!

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  • April 2017

    Collaboration Grupo Once - Ilunion

    On 23 April, the company collaborated with Grupo Ilunion Hotels (hotel company of the ONCE Group) within the so-called "Tanda de Héroes" of the Spartan Race in Madrid. It is an obstacle course open to everyone and that tests the ability to take on exciting challenges. The Tanda category of heroes was created by the organization so that people with and without disabilities also had the opportunity to participate and build equipment given that they help each other to reach the goal. What did Mar Capital collaborate with? We had the opportunity to help people with disabilities in different tests to achieve the goal. It was an exciting day and an example of fellowship.

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  • March 2017

    Pequeño Deseo Fundation

    Our commitment for the month of March has been the signing of the agreement of collaboration and participation with the foundation "Small Desire" with an annual contribution for actions that will be carried out throughout the year. This foundation realizes the wishes of children with chronic or poor prognosis in order to support them mentally and make their illness easier, since many studies have shown that the imprint left by an emotion of such magnitude remains until 6 Months inside, helping to maintain a positive attitude towards the disease.

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  • February 2017

    1st championship Solidarity route FIT POINT

    Our commitment for the month of February has been the signing of the agreement of collaboration and participation in RUTA SOLIDARIA FITPOINT 2017. The Ruta Solidaria is a charity circuit of paddle which has been organized for 6 years in Palma de Mallorca. The main objective of the Ruta Solidaria is to collaborate with different social causes through sport. Construye Capital will collaborate this year in the financing of the organization of these 4 tournaments whose collection will be destined to different charitable associations. Among them are Children's Villages and Fundación Nemo.

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  • January 2017

    Collection of toys for donation

    This year we made the second delivery of toys at the Son Espases Hospital in Palma with the collaboration of Sonrisa Médica and at the Hospital of the Niño Jesus in Madrid. It was an action that would not have been possible without the collaboration of all of you, for which we thank you for your participation, especially the volunteers who attended the delivery and who contributed your little bit of sand so that hospitalized children could spend at least a few hours of reality immersed in a moment of illusion.

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