Restaurante Zela

Totally refurbished office space optimising inside and outside spaces. The flooring in place combines quality wood materials with ceramics and trendy carpeting. Bar surfaces and bottle tiers are crafted by artisans, as so are the sushi worktop areas. The decoration of these merge enamelled ceramic abated walls together with glowing brass and alabaster. Ceilings have been finished using latticework lit up through leds, alternating empty nooks and nooks covered by either pierced plate or fluted glass. On to the walls surrounding the space, high standard wallpapers have been fitted enmeshed with carpentry elements illuminated from the inside, thus creating a pure sensation of warmth in the environment. On the outter ground, the decoration features wood with greenery elements, alongside folding screens, brass-framed mirrors and even wallpaper work. All is ushered by a set of elegant and practical furniture.



Mayo 2017

Avenida 8 de Agosto, Ibiza, España

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